fastrackids discovery process

The FasTracKids Discovery Process is designed has been helpful for starting as well as experienced entrepreneurs to learn if the FasTracKids franchise opportunity is a good fit for their skills, experience and desired lifestyles.

discovery process

step1An introductory conversation – Getting to know each other. At FasTracKids, we’re in the relationship business and that starts with getting to know each other. The first step is a conversation with a FasTracKids representative by phone or Skype so that we can introduce ourselves to one another. We’re interested in your background, your goals and your experience. We can then focus our subsequent conversations to provide you with the information you need about FasTracKids.

step2 Program presentation – Explaining our purpose, mission and programs. Given our mutual interest, our next step is a presentation where we will provide you information about the purpose and mission of FasTracKids and give you an overview of our program portfolio. We also will show a sample of one of our FasTracKids lessons so you understand not only how we deliver our programs, but also why we use the multi-sensory learning approach.

discovery process
discovery process

step3 Interview – Presenting your qualifications. At FasTracKids, we want to make sure that the business is a good fit for your skills and experience. You will present your qualifications (and if applicable those of your partners) to FasTracKids.

 4step Business Presentation – Reviewing the programs.

At the end of this presentation you will understand more about the various opportunities available from FasTracKids. You will understand more about the investment, revenue, royalties and expense side of the business.
discovery process

5stepConversation with FasTracKids’ CEO It is important from the top of the FasTracKids organizations to understand our franchisees’ goals for their business and their qualifications. During this conversation with FasTracKids’ CEO, you will have a chance to understand the company’s direction and strategy.

6stepFranchise Agreement Review – Explaining the business in contractual terms. We will provide you with a disclosure document which includes financial information and business models, as well as the Franchise Agreement which contains the terms and conditions that apply to your franchise. You will want to review these documents in detail and we will have conversations to answer any questions that you may have. This is part of your preparation for the Initial Training.

discovery process

  7stepInitial Training – Learning what it is like to operate a FasTracKids business

FasTracKids offers a unique opportunity to attend a day-and-a-half of Initial Training before -you and we- make our final decision. During this time, you will receive information on how to market and operate the business. At the end of this initial training we will make the final decision together whether to move forward with awarding the franchise. If the answer is yes, you will sign the agreement and finish the remainder of the Operations Training.

Partners 6 If you are interested in a strategic partnership, simply submit your request using the form at right and a member of our team will contact you.


  • What’s it like to run a FasTracKids busines
  • How much is the investment and what happens in a FasTracKids classroom?
  • It helps us to understand your questions to run this business as well.

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