What is FasTracKids?

Frequently asked questions about FasTracKids
How do I start the process of learning more about a FasTracKids franchise opportunity?

You can make a call to +1 303.224.0200 and one of our Directors of Franchise Development will begin the conversation with you. Or you can complete the form located on this page and we will contact you by phone or email to begin the process.

Are training and support available to me as a franchisee?

Yes and yes. FasTracKids actually offers a day-and-a-half of business operations training BEFORE you make the final decision to sign the agreement. There is a total of 10 days of initial operations and instructor training as well as on-going support as you prepare to open your business. Franchisees continue to build their skills at international and regional franchise meetings.  An additional 5 days of training will be given to Master Franchisees.

Does FasTracKids assist with financing?

Not directly. In the U.S.,  FasTracKids is a Small Business Administration approved franchise which assists franchisees who may be applying for a SBA loan.

What is the cost of opening a FasTracKids franchise?

Individuals interested in our education franchise opportunity can expect their initial investment to be approximately $48,717 – $203,517, depending on the real estate selected.  Master Franchisee fees vary depending on territory size..

How long will it take me to open my FasTracKids business?

While there are a few variables to opening such as finding a location and hiring and training staff, most FasTracKids franchisees aim for a Grand Opening within 180 days from the time they signed the agreement.

Who makes a great FasTracKids franchisee?

Our franchises are typically run by leaders with strong backgrounds in management or business and who may also have a passion for early childhood education. The investor-owner need not be an educator but he or she does need the ability to build a team of energetic, dependable and committed people. The franchisee will play an important role in promoting the school to the community, which is the most important aspect of marketing a FasTracKids center. That connection to the community will drive your business.

What happens after I submit my online application?

You will receive an email confirmation and a Director of Franchise Development will contact you.

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